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3 Advantages of Responsive PSD to Magento Conversion

3 Advantages of Responsive PSD to Magento Conversion

The Magento CMS system has gained an immense popularity amongst businesses across the world who are entering the world of E-commerce. Whether you’re a one-man shop or a 1,000 person strong organization, (Photoshop Design File) PSD to Magento conversion is a great E-commerce choice for your business. Magento is a thoroughly tested, robust platform that offers both magnificent functionality, flexibility along with great extendability. It keeps in mind all the things that an online store owner needs to have access to as well as evaluate on a consistent basis. If you’re a developer or even a technical novice, Magento is a great choice as it caters to everyone’s different level of expertise.

The mobile Internet is the future and you have probably heard it more than a hundred many times by now. An astounding fact that most people don’t know is that Google is expecting mobile searches to outgrow desktop searches by the year 2015 if the current rate of mobile Internet growth continues. As a result of this huge explosion of mobile/smartphones and tablets, responsive PSD to Magento conversion services are being sought after even more. In the mobile and tablet world of today, it is foolish to not have your PSD to Magento conversion made in a responsive design. Just to make it clear, responsive design is the ability for a website to render according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. For example, if it is view on an iPhone, it will look different and if it is viewed on a desktop, it will look different as the website will automatically adjust according to the device it is being viewed on.

The first step to getting a responsive E-commerce website is to have a company that offers professional PSD to Magento conversion services work on your website design and convert it into a Magento responsive template. Below, we will discuss what the advantages of having a responsive PSD to Magento conversion in detail if you aren’t fully convinced yet.

1. Improved online rankings – Matt Cutts himself has even gone on record to say that responsive websites are better from an SEO perspective. Responsive websites have the same web URL whether you are viewing it on a mobile screen or desktop screen. If a site has a mobile site with a separate URL, you will have problems of duplicate content as well as an SEO term known as Canonical URL’s. So when you have a responsive PSD to Magento conversion done, this will improve your SEO which will in turn improve your rankings online.

2. Better conversion – The main goal of any E-commerce site is to sell services, products, and so on. You want to give your customers that are visiting your site the best possible experience no matter what device they are using. You don’t want them to be zooming and panning on your site as they access every page as it can get quite frustrating for anyone. It is a proven fact that a website that has responsive design will have higher sales conversion’s versus one that is not responsive. Adjust according to your customers and you will reap the rewards which is why it makes perfect sense to have a responsive PSD to Magento conversion.

3. More economical & accessible – The future is mobile and it’s a cold hard fact, the question is how soon do you want to accept it? If you want a separate mobile site created for example, it will cost you more versus making a responsive site. If you have an existing site or even are looking to create a new one, it’s much easier and economical to get that site made responsive versus having a mobile site created. When you have a mobile site, you will need to get it designed and re-done like a new mini-website. In addition, a responsive website as earlier mentioned is much easier to access on a smartphone than a non-responsive site which makes it a no brainer to choose responsive PSD to Magento conversion. When a site is responsive, it is specifically tailored around the needs of that device meaning it will load faster on that device and it will have the user in mind. This is a key thing as people want a great user experience and they will find it whether you choose to offer it to them or not.

Having a responsive PSD to Magento conversion makes perfect sense for anyone who is looking for a future-proof E-commerce site. It will allow you to serve your customers across the globe no matter how they are accessing your site. People want convenience and ease with everything they do these days. If you are not going to offer a great user experience, your competitors either will or already doing so. If you are looking for PSD to Magento conversion assistance or any other type of development help, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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