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3 Benefits of a PSD to Responsive Conversion

3 Benefits of a PSD to Responsive Conversion

Looks matter these days even when it comes to your website and online presence. To create a stunning website that stands out from the crowd, you need to create a PSD (Photoshop Design File) file with the help of a graphic or web design professional who has experience in this field. A PSD on its own is not viewable online and you need to have a PSD conversion performed for it come alive. PSD to Responsive conversion is a sensible choice for many reasons. They are many CMS (Content Management Systems) you can choose to get your PSD file converted to such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal along with many others. When you get your PSD conversion performed, it is critical that it is done with Responsive Design in mind no matter what CMS you are using at the back-end. Website visitors these days are accessing information through many devices such as tablet, phones and desktops so you need to be ready.

The first question is, what is Responsive Design and why do I need it? Responsive Design means your website automatically renders correctly according to the device which it is being viewed from. For example, if your website is being viewed from a mobile device, the menu, pictures and overall user experience will be optimized for a mobile device ensuring that the website visitors and not zooming in or adjusting your website. The same goes for a tablet device or even a desktop for that matter. Responsive Design basically means your website will automatically adjust/render according to the device it is being accessed from making it a superior user experience for your website visitor. Therefore, going for a PSD to Responsive conversion is a brilliant choice and we will discuss why that is the case below:

  • Mobile-first World – The amount of users that are using mobile devices has exploded across the world and faster than anyone ever imagine. Google which is the world’s largest search engine has more queries that comes from mobile devices when compared to any other device such as tablets or desktops. This means you need to be ready for these visitors that are using a mobile device and give them an optimal viewing experience otherwise you will lose out.
  • Higher Rankings – If you go for a PSD to Responsive conversion, your website will rank higher within the search engines for many reasons. User experience matters and Google along with all other search engines place emphasis on this more than ever before. If you have a website that is responsive, you will have a lower bounce rate which also is a factor when it comes to ranking within the search engines. Even within the search results of Google for example, you can clearly see what websites are mobile friendly and which ones are not when you search from a handheld device as it will clearly state “mobile friendly” within the search results.
  • Consistency & Brand Experience – By choosing to go with a PSD to Responsive conversion, you are ensuring that your website gives a consistent brand experience no matter what device is being accessed from. The users that come to your website are seeing what you want them to see without having to zoom in or squint using the tablet or mobile device they have. Consistency is key especially when it comes to your website and is something that seriously needs to be kept in mind always.

It’s a multi-device world and the world is more Internet-ready than ever before. Going for a PSD to Responsive conversion ensures that you are giving an optimal experience to your website visitors and they are having the experience you want them to have. Ensure that any company you choose to help you with your PSD conversion has the necessary expertise and experience of performing these type of conversions to minimize any risks or headaches. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and experienced PSD to Responsive conversion partner that can deliver superior results, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles for any of your PSD conversion or development needs.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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