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7 Steps to Choose a PSD to WordPress Conversion Company

7 Steps to Choose a PSD to WordPress Conversion Company

Ever since the launch of WordPress as a Content Management System, it has revolutionized the way businesses design and develop their websites. The reason being simple – it gives you the flexibility to be creative while reflecting the true essence of your business. WordPress is a great choice and today more than 60 million websites is are using WordPress as their CMS of choice. WordPress has many benefits such as being absolutely free, SEO friendly, very easy to use even if you have no prior development knowledge, large development community, a plethora of extensions/plug-ins and much more.

This is also precisely why most business owners use PSD to WordPress conversion services to develop their website their way – with a distinct look and customized features. The essence of this technique is that it marries two amazing tools – Photoshop and WordPress. You can create a design image of your website in any way using Photoshop and convert it into a feature-rich website without prior coding knowledge using WordPress.

With the increasing popularity of this conversion, there is also an increasing list of companies providing PSD to WordPress conversion services. And how does one choose the right company for PSD to WordPress conversion for their website? Here we give you 7 steps to help you choose a PSD to WordPress conversion company:

Step 1: Trust only Experts
Since this is your company’s digital face we’re talking about, you would really not want some amateurs handling it. Look for a professional company that specializes in PSD to WordPress conversion and has an impressive list of satisfied clients.

Step 2: Ask for Work Samples
Once you have zeroed in on a few companies, you should ask for their previous work samples that are similar to your requirement. This will help you understand if they have the expertise and experience to develop & deliver the kind of features you want in your website.

Step 3: Define the Delivery Schedule
Though we agree that PSD to WordPress conversion is a technical job and requires various levels of coding, we still urge you to define realistic timelines for delivery of the project. Ask the company to share a delivery schedule for the complete PSD to WordPress conversion and website development. Ensure that you get regular updates and timely reports so that you know if this schedule is being followed and you are getting your money’s worth. In addition, ask them who will be handling your project and how they will be communicating the updates to you.

Step 4: Demand for use of Latest Technology
WordPress is an easy to upgrade platform and requires minimal investment. Ensure that the company you have hired is using the latest technology available. This would not just help you keep abreast but also bring in the latest functionalities that come in with the latest technology. After all you are paying the company to do a good job for yourPSD to WordPress conversion requirement. If the upgrade is an additional cost, it is probably worth it and you would not mind paying for the best available technology.

Step 5: Check the W3C Compliance
W3C compliance basically means that the code of your website is fully compliant with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C in short). Even the most proficient of the PSD to WordPress companies may not be able to deliver a fully W3C compliant website especially if you have advanced functionalities in the website. Ensure that your website’s code is sufficiently well-structured and tidy enough for search engines to be able to distinguish style, navigation, and content. This will take care of the compliance as well as the desired website features. In addition, there are many ways you can check if your site is W3C compliant and a simple Google search can give you many tools to double-check the work of the PSD conversion company.

Step 6: SEO-friendly & Cross Browser Compatible
Since you already chose a good platform for your website i.e. WordPress you know you have a whole lot of opportunities to make search engines love your website. As part of the PSD to WordPress conversion services, the company should give you SEO-friendly coding and also make sure that your website is compatible with all leading web browsers namely – IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safariand Google Chrome. Additionally, if you make your site responsive across all devices (table, mobile, desktop) this will be beneficial for your users and SEO efforts.

Step 7: After-Sales Service 
Most genuine service providers promise prompt after sales service. As you already are aware, PSD to WordPress conversion is a challenging job and even the most expert developers can make mistakes. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you have a strong support system even after the completion of your project. Usually any after work is not chargeable and is considered to be a part of the package cost. Ensure that you clear this part with your service provider and its best to always get all of this in writing so there is no grey area.

With the above steps checked, you are ready to hand over your precious PSD design to a professional PSD to WordPress conversion company. The process is simple; choose a service provider who has a track record of delivering projects, everything is SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible including your site satisfies the terms of W3C validation. If you keep all these things in mind and conduct your due diligence, you are already ahead in the game. If you need any assistance with any PSD conversion, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles for anything you need.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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