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A Robust Online Shopping Store with PSD to X-Cart Conversion

A Robust Online Shopping Store with PSD to X-Cart Conversion

Consumers today are much more demanding about the products and services that they want and also about how they shop for it. Earlier, people preferred to go all the way to a physical store and buy what they wanted. However, the trend of online shopping has changed the way people shop these days. There are more shoppers on the Internet than on the streets and you will find people shopping for all sorts of items online. As a result, businesses that are interested in giving their online website the right boost are going with PSD to X-Cart conversion which allows them to get more features and options. First let’s understand what a PSD file is and it is a good business decision. Even though you can easily find a pre-made X-Cart template that can be free or purchased, opting for creating a customized PSD file is a great choice. A PSD file is created with the help of a graphic or web designer using Adobe Photoshop to create the exact look and feel you are looking for in your online store. By choosing a PSD to X-Cart conversion, you can get the exact brand image you are looking to portray to your customers rather than choosing a ready-made template which other people will be using. Below, we will focus on how a PSD to X-Cart conversion can help you build a robust online shopping store.

Un-complicate your site
One of the biggest challenges for site owners is that they do not understand technical aspects that come with an online shopping store and they do not understand much about coding. By choosing to go with a PSD to X-Cart conversion, you can get rid of all the complex issues that you cannot resolve. Even if you have little or no technical knowledge, you can easily manage your online store by using X-Cart. In addition, X-Cart is based on open source PHP technology so by changing the open source code you can do almost anything you need. PHP is an open source technology which can easily be changed with the help of a PHP development professional and it is cheaper to hire a PHP development professional comparatively to other technologies. By using X-Cart, you can simply customize any aspects of your online store you need to give yourself and your customers a better online shopping experience. PSD to X-Cart conversion allows you to truly customize your online needs in any way that you need.

Easy to use interface
At times, maintaining and updating a site can be a headache and time consuming. With PSD to X-Cart conversion, you can get rid of all the headaches or possible expenditures of hiring someone to do it fulltime. X-Cart makes use of easy web based installation wizards that ensure that you can maintain and update the site on your own without the need to hire a professional. X-Cart has an easy to use system and interface which means you don’t have to know anything about programming and you can easily handle your online store efficiently. Any types of updates, changes or additions you need to make to your X-Cart online store, can be easily done by anyone with little or no technical knowledge. Hence, choosing a PSD to X-Cart conversion not only allows you to manage your online store easily and effectively but can save you money as well.

Loads of features & support
A way in which you can boost your online store is by giving more power to your customers. You are able to do this by adding more features and options to your online shopping by choosing X-Cart. With PSD to X-Cart conversion, you can take advantage of the many free and paid extensions that are widely available which allow you to do almost anything you need when it comes to your Ecommerce store. You can do many things such as have your store in multiple languages, currencies, multiple payment gateway options and much more allowing you to truly take your store to a global level. In addition, X-Cart has a large and thriving community which are able to assist you with real-life problems that you may be facing along with providing you technical expertise as needed. X-Cart is also the only PCI DSS compliant software that is able to run on your own server. It can work on any hosting, even shared hosting while still having industry leading security

Better online visibility
Just building an online store doesn’t automatically mean you will get customers. By choosing to go with a PSD to X-Cart conversion, you are able to make your site SEO friendly and connect it with various Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and so on. X-Cart based sites are SEO friendly which means that the site is easily indexed by the search engines and it will result in higher rankings within the search engines. In addition, by being able to connect to various Social Media sites, you can get your brand and online store more coverage/awareness amongst consumers that may be looking for your products or services.

By choosing to go with a PSD to X-Cart conversion, you are making a wise business decision. No matter how small or large your business may be, X-Cart can provide a reliable, safe, easy to manage, robust and feature-rich online Ecommerce store experience. X-Cart has been chosen by thousands of store owners across the world which is no surprise. When you are looking for a PSD conversion company to help you with your PSD to X-Cart conversion, make sure they have experience of working with X-Cart and they can deliver the pixel perfect conversion results you are looking for.  If you are looking for a reliable and experienced PSD to X-Cart conversion company to help you with your PSD conversion or anything else development related, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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