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An Impressive Online Store With PSD to Magento Conversion

An Impressive Online Store With PSD to Magento Conversion

The growing trend of online shopping has made it easier for entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas and open an online store easier than ever before. Although, Ecommerce sites are successful on the web, only a few sites are capable to make the most of it while others perish in the dust. Online stores today are not just about putting products or services online, but they are about offering a great online user experience.

If you have a PSD design file that you want to convert into an impressive online store you need to go for a PSD to Magento conversion. First, let’s understand how you get a PSD file and what exactly a PSD file is. A PSD file is created by a graphic or web designer using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop allows a graphic or web designer to create the exact look and feel you want your Ecommerce store to have. However, a PSD file on its own is not viewable online and therefore you need a PSD to Magento conversion company to convert this PSD file into HTML and then integrate it into the Magento CMS (Content Management System).

How a PSD to Magento conversion can help your business?
There is no doubt that PSD designs were quite popular in the past for their designs but things have changed and today consumers are more focused on the experience rather than the design aspect alone. With a PSD to Magento conversion, you can be sure that you can give your online customers the experience that they need. You can create your online store that is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate and thus improves the overall online shopping experience. With a PSD to Magento conversion, you also have the option to add more features to your online store that makes the entire shopping experience smooth and error-free. Below, we will discuss why a PSD to Magento conversion is a great option amongst all the shopping cart systems available in the marketplace today.

  • The shopping cart experience
    Online shoppers are particular about the way they shop on the Internet and they usually remember the shopping cart experience. With a PSD to Magento conversion, you can simplify the shopping cart process and that means customers can pick and choose the products that they want easily. There are more user features and options when you go for a Magento CMS and therefore you can achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings that can boost your online business.
  • User accounts
    Allowing users to create their own profile/account and handle it the way they want is another plus factor you get when you opt for a PSD to Magento conversion. You need to give your online customers the space to customize their settings and profile so that they feel the ease of shopping online. By choosing Magento as your CMS for your online store, you can provide this and much more.
  • Site navigation
    You can come up with simple dropdown menus and navigation bars that allow online customers to make their choices rather than pushing them on different pages which can ruin the entire customer experience. PSD to Magento conversion allows you to give your customers an option to customize, evaluate and browse the site before they purchase products and services. Magento gives you the ultimate flexibility to shape, change and alter the way online shoppers are interacting with your online store.
  • International capabilities
    By choosing to go with Magento as your CMS and going for a PSD to Magento conversion, you are able to tap into the global marketplace. You have the option to have your Ecommerce store in multiple languages and offer multiple currencies allowing you to scale globally without any headaches. In addition, you have the flexibility to have multiple payment options or payment extensions. All of these things will allow you to scale your business globally when you want to without any headaches.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly
    Magento allows you to have a Google Site Map, re-write your URL’s so that they are SEO friendly and readable by the search engines and put Meta-information for your products or services. Just building an online store is not enough these days, you need to get found online and a PSD to Magento conversion can help you do just that. Magento is very SEO friendly and you will not have any issues in the world of SEO
  • Technical complications
    Apart from the user experience, a PSD to Magento conversion also allows the site owner to handle the site the way they really want to. This is beneficial because you want to come up with better ideas on how you can create an impressive online store and enhance the customer experience. With a PSD to Magento conversion you can be sure that you add and remove features with ease depending on the feedback or suggestions you receive. When you are using Magento, you don’t have to have any development background to easily make changes or add things to your online store.
  • Analytics, reporting & site management
    When you opt for a PSD to Magento conversion, you get access and features that are beyond what you can imagine. You get complete analytics and reporting on things such as abandoned shopping cart reports, best customer reports, ability to control multiple sites easily, best-selling products, complete analytics on all your pages/products and much more. Magento offers you in-depth and clear reporting to make the important decisions that your online business needs to succeed online.
  • Extensions & add-ons
    Magento has thousands of free and paid for add-ons or extensions that are widely available. You can add almost any type of functionality you need to your online store easier than you ever thought possible. If something is not available, you can easily create anything with the help of a Magento PHP developer as Magento is very easy to customize. Any type of functionality you need to be created can easily be accomplished by choosing to go for a PSD to Magento conversion.

By choosing to go with Magento as your online Ecommerce solution, you are making a great business decision. If you are a Fortune 500 company or even a new online store, Magento has everything you need and more. PSD to Magento conversion is a great business decision as it is reliable, flexible, easily-customized, secure and much more allowing you to truly take advantage of the online space. If you are looking for an experienced and trusted PSD to Magento conversion partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles for any of your development needs.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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