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Complete Online Portal with PSD to osCommerce Conversion

Complete Online Portal with PSD to osCommerce Conversion

OsCommerce is an Ecommerce and online store-management software that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. It’s more than 14 years old and there are more than 14,000 websites using this Ecommerce program today. It has a strong and dedicated community of 280,000 store owners, developers and service providers. There are more than 7,000 free Add-ons available for users to use and customize their online stores with to help them build a complete online portal.

PSD to osCommerce conversion
To get the full benefits of osCommerce as well as combine that with superlative graphic design/user experience, you need to go for a PSD to osCommerce conversion. Let’s first explain what a PSD file is before we get ahead of ourselves. A PSD file is created by a graphic or web designer using Adobe Photoshop to give you the type of look and unique feel you want your Ecommerce store to have. When you design a website in Photoshop, you are assured of giving the website the right looks with the right sort of images, color combinations as well as font choices. After the PSD file is ready, you need to transform that website design into an Ecommerce website in osCommerce and that is where a PSD to osCommerce conversion comes into play.

PSD to osCommerce conversion
The process of a PSD to osCommerce conversion begins with the slicing of the PSD into component parts such as the header image, background image, the font used in the menu text, and any other key components that need to be captured precisely and translated into the webpage. After this, the manual coding in osCommerce takes place when HTML professionals add the appropriate <div> tags in the HTML to set the PSD images as the website’s header image, background and so on. Manual coding along with testing across different browsers ensures that the website will be W3C compatible and the HTML will be SEO friendly. PSD to osCommerce conversion with manual coding ensures that the resulting website will be responsive (to meet the needs of diverse choices of users who use desktop devices as well as mobiles or tablets to access the website) as well as cross-browser compatible. This will ensure that no matter what device or browser a user is using, your Ecommerce store looks pixel perfect.

Offshore PSD to osCommerce conversion & much more
To remain competitive, Ecommerce businesses need to be extremely savvy about cost and other aspects of running their business. Offshore PSD to osCommerce conversion is a fabulous way to cut costs when it comes to Ecommerce website development. India is a go-to locate when it comes to any development related task as they are familiar with the offshore model, the cost of labor is cheap which saves you money and they have the technical expertise to deliver a pixel perfect PSD conversion. Indian offshore web development companies specialize in PSD to osCommerce conversion and have the necessary professionals with the requisite skill sets who will ensure good quality results. When you choose a company to help you with your conversion, ensure that they are familiar with this process and osCommerce so that you are happy with the output you receive. Apart from cost savings of up to 75%, there are other benefits of PSD to OsCommerce conversion done offshore. These include: flexibility, long-term maintenance and digital marketing benefits.

With offshore PSD to osCommerce conversion, you can get your project finished quickly since you can even hire dedicated developers to work for you full time at the Indian offshore development company. After the project is finished, you don’t have to worry about personnel overhead as you would have if you were to hire developers in-house. Things such as HR, operational expenses and so on will all be avoided giving you more time to focus on your business.

Long-Term Maintenance
Website development is a continuous effort in the sense that you need to constantly update it and sometimes there can be other technical problems. In this scenario, it makes sense to have a long-term maintenance contract with a web development company. With offshore PSD to osCommerce conversion, you get very reasonable rates for maintenance contracts.

Digital Marketing Benefits
If you want to grow your business in the long-term, you need to focus on the marketing aspects. Online marketing can be both paid (PPC) and unpaid (such as SEO). With offshore PSD to osCommerce conversion, you get access to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals who will conduct a targeted SEO campaign to boost your website’s ranking for the keywords related to your business. This may involve a content marketing campaign via blog posts, email marketing, YouTube video tutorials, newsletters, white papers and other tactics that will be used by your PSD to osCommerce conversion partner.

There is also the Social Media marketing aspect which has grown in importance from both a marketing and customer service perspective. Most companies are now present on many types of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+) where they conduct various marketing campaigns to pull potential customers into the sales funnel. Social Media marketing techniques such as contests and offers are different than straight forward paid campaigns like PPC advertising or banner and video ads. The Social Media and digital marketing experts at offshore web development companies will be a great partner in the long-run for an Ecommerce set-up that wants to pursue a long-term strategy of improving their brand visibility online.

When the benefits of PSD to osCommerce conversion are combined with the power of offshore web development, Ecommerce entrepreneurs get not only a complete online portal but a powerful tool in the form of their website to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive Ecommerce marketplace. By choosing to go with osCommerce as your Ecommerce software of choice, you are making a great business decision. If you are looking for a reliable, experienced and trusted PSD to osCommerce conversion partner, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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