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Hand-Coding Vs Automated Coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML Conversion

Hand-Coding Vs Automated Coding for Pixel Perfect PSD to HTML Conversion

There are things where automation does the job and does it well. When car manufacturers want to churn out hundreds of thousands of family sedans, industrial automation and robots fit the bill quite well. But when it comes to iconic stuff like Ferraris or McLarens, automation won’t work. These cars are hand-made.

There is no alternative to using the human mind when you want to achieve excellence in each product. A website is one product that should have both technical excellence and artistic brilliance to appeal to website visitors. In a Web landscape cluttered with millions of websites, another website using an off-the-shelf template or theme is not going to be sufficient to hold the attention of the visitor.

To get that killer look for a website, you need to start with a website design created by a professional graphic designer in Photoshop. That website design can be converted into HTML by either using automated software or by opting for manual or hand coding.

Automated coding will surely fall short because of the following reasons:

  • The resulting website will be of a low standard — imagine a web page that is translated by Google Translate on the fly and the often erroneous (and sometimes funny or worse) translation that results from that automated process. Similarly, automated PSD to HTML conversion will have clumsy code and worse.
  • When shortcuts such as automated PSD to HTML conversion are opted for using online software, there is maximum chance of introducing spam and malware into your website code. Why would you want to sabotage your own website in such an egregious manner?
  • That thing you do with automated coding for PSD to HTML conversion will mean that your website’s HTML will be less than optimum; in fact, such websites with automated coding will most likely fail W3C validation. If you are designing a modern website without such semantic elements in place, what use is the website design project anyway?

Benefits of Hand Coding for PSD to HTML Conversion

Pixel-perfect conversion
You want pixel-perfect PSD to HTML conversion to create a website that looks slick — expectations of website visitors have become sky-high as more and more websites become top notch; hence, if your website is less than outstanding, it will quickly slip in visitors’ estimation.

Only by opting for hand coding do you get such pixel-perfect image quality in website design. The slicing of the PSD file is the crucial aspect and when done by experienced professionals, the result speaks for itself and justifies the use of actual humans rather than opting for brute force automation.

Semantic Coding Leads to Better SEO
You want to build a website that is human-friendly and also search engine crawler friendly. Using semantic codes ensures that the crawlers are better able to crawl the website and index the content which in turn improves your website’s ranking in those all-important organic search results. A properly search engine optimized website pays rich dividends indeed in the long run in terms of bringing tons of visitors to your website.

Fast Loading
Semantic codes applied to a website’s HTML via hand coding makes a website’s code lean and efficient. This in turn makes the website faster to download making it user-friendly and again improving the website’s rank as search engines like Google like to give better rank to websites that are light.

Cross-Browser Compatible
Use of semantic coding and HTML5 standards ensures that your HTML is W3C compatible and hence cross-browser friendly. You don’t want your users to suffer if they happen to have a preference for a particular web browser. Hand coding ensures that your website is tested to work equally well whether the user uses Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari, etc.

Being Socially Responsible
Semantic coding also makes websites user-friendly to people with special needs.

Responsive Web Design and Mobile Friendly
With hand coding, website professionals develop a website that has responsive web design principles embedded into it. Hence, it will look great on mobiles and tablets. With 1.8 billion mobile devices being sold last year compared to 300 million PCs, the trend line is clear — the world has decisively chosen mobiles over desktop devices. More than half of web visitors log on to the internet from a tiny mobile device screen. It’s better for businesses to be prepared for mobile world when it comes to their website design.

All these aspects truly make hand coding easily the better option for pixel perfect PSD to HTML conversion.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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