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Hire HTML Developers For PSD to HTML5 Conversion

Hire HTML Developers For PSD to HTML5 Conversion

Since the invention of the World Wide Web about 20 years ago, the Web has grown spectacularly and now consists of more than a billion websites. Broadband internet use has grown tremendously as has smartphone use and 3G and 4G networks. Ecommerce and mobile ecommerce has really taken off in recent years.

With the infrastructure in place and more than two billion people online, there is a tremendous audience out there. For individuals and businesses with imagination and innovation, there is no shortage of opportunity. But to attract eyeballs and to develop a loyal customer base, you need to present your business in the finest costume possible. The business website is not only the first point of contact between an ecommerce operator and a customer, it’s often the only point of contact.

In a world where folks online are bombarded by information from a plethora of sources including news websites, email newsletters, and social media websites, ecommerce websites have got to be top notch to hold the attention of the user. A legacy website from 2005 or even 2009 most likely won’t be up to scratch in terms of having the minimum qualities that a website needs to have now a days.

PSD to HTML5 Conversion
To be able to compete with the latest ecommerce websites, a website needs to measure up both in terms of technical and design standards as well as aesthetics. The latest websites need to be responsive at a minimum to cater to the growing number of smartphone users who access websites from smartphones and would love to be able to make purchases online from their smartphones. The latest aesthetics elements found in websites include parallax design and flat design. Infinite scrolling technology is quite popular and common place and used by many of the most popular websites in the world including social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The best way to come up with a superlative website with all the technologies and bells and whistles is to opt for PSD to HTML5 conversion. That will preserve the high quality graphics design achieved in Photoshop while you can embed the latest HTML5 principles. With the latest HTML5 tags such as <video> and <audio>, multimedia has now become native to websites and there is no need for embedding Flash or any other external plugin. Use of HTML5 elements like <section>, <header>, and <article> also makes the code semantic, hence making it easy for search engines to index the content of the website. This helps the website in ranking higher in organic search results.

HTML5 has geolocation APIs making locations available to HTML5-compatible browser-based application. Similarly, HTML5 improves offline browsing. PSD to HTML5 conversion begins with slicing of the PSD file into different parts such as header image, background image and so on. This slicing is a job for professionals and this should be handled well since this will give the website the final look. Once the images are ready and stored with appropriate names, the website should be coded manually to ensure that it is search engine optimization (SEO) friendly and W3C-compatible.

Hire HTML Developers for PSD to HTML5 Conversion
Offshore web development brings multiple benefits including cost savings and access to top quality web designers. Offshore web development not only reduces the overheads associated with onsite hires but you can hire HTML developers offsite who will work exclusively for the hiring client. Hiring HTML developers at offshore web development companies makes it possible to have full time employees but without the hassles. The hires will only need to be paid for the duration of the project. Projects can be finished fast by hiring as many developers as are needed. With India’s abundant supply of manpower, you get access to professionals with all the required skill sets. Hence, PSD to HTML5 conversion by hiring HTML developers is the best way to have complete control of your web development project while ensuring that the web development project does not break the bank.

With offshore PSD to HTML conversion5, the benefits are clear and unmatched. You get pixel-perfect conversion with world class graphics design experts on hand, you get the benefits of semantic coding with HTML5 programmers, hand-coded HTML makes the website lean and efficient and therefore faster loading. This is crucial, particularly when it comes to mobile browsing.Responsive web design principles are adhered to so that the website displays flawlessly on screens of different sizes. Light and responsive websites have SEO benefits as search engines prefer to rank these websites higher in their organic search results compared to websites which are not optimized for mobile. With extensive testing, offshore PSD to HTML5 conversion leads to the development of websites that are tested across different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). Semantic coding also ensures that websites are user-friendly to people with special needs. With all these benefits, offshore PSD to HTML5 conversion is a clear winner. Contact us today for how we may help you with your website design requirements.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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