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How to Convert a File From PSD to Drupal

How to Convert a File From PSD to Drupal

Drupal is one of the most widely used and customizable Content Management System in the world, and its open source nature makes itideal for businesses that need a lot of control over their website, but do not want to pay for premium platforms. The theme is a major part of the website running on Drupal, and themes for this CMS need to be specially created through PSD to Drupal conversion. Theming is important in Drupalbecause once a properly defined Drupal theme has been created, the theme can be completely customized and each block of the theme modified as per your need. A PSD or Photoshop file presents the ideal layout of a website, and is designed by a web designer keeping in mind the needs of your business. The PSD to Drupal conversion makes it easy to create a Drupal theme in a short time, and also ensures high quality. Ensure that whoever you are hiring to help you with this conversion as the expertise and experience you need to deliver pixel perfect results. Below, we will share some steps on how this PSD to Drupal conversion process is performed.

Steps to Convert PSD to Drupal
The best way to prepare a theme in Drupal is by learning how to convert your PSD file into Drupal and then add all the appropriate page elements in an orderly fashion.

  • You will need to first create HTML and CSS from the PSD and then add the proper default markup for it. It is the default markup that Drupal uses to serve websites properly and the more sections you divide your website into, the more customizable it can become.
  • A popular choice is the ninesixty basic theme which has a famous grid like layout and can be easily used to get all the necessary base files for PSD to Drupal conversion. Create a theme folder and then create a .info file for this theme. You can also use the info file in the ninesixty theme, and rename it to that of your theme, to save some time.
  • Identify the main regions of your website, and mention them in the .info file of your theme. Common regions include Header, Footer, Sidebar, Main, etc. and by specifying each region, you will be able to customize each of them individually. Your goal is to convert your PSD to Drupal and then create a minimum viable theme which you can later customize using CSS.
  • Extract HTML using the program of your choice, and create .tpl files for all pages and sections alongside them. You will have to make the .tpl file for the following sections:

o Front page

o Inner page

o Comment

o Blog/Forum

o Pages

o Boxes

o Nodes

o Blocks

Do not forget to include the definition of all the regions and elements in the .info file. Once a basic theme is ready, and looks like the layout that you had in mind, load it into your server and perform a test run to see how it looks. There will be gapping issues, and readjustments that you will have to make using CSS, but using this method you can create a basic PSD to Drupal conversion in a very short time.

We hope this basic info on how to convert a file from PSD to Drupal has been helpful. Its not an easy job to convert aPSD into a Drupal theme. We hope this step by step process above as helped shed some light on the conversion process. If you need any help with any of your PSD to Drupal conversion or any other PSD conversion, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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