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Important Steps That Form the Basis of a PSD to WordPress Conversion

Important Steps That Form the Basis of a PSD to WordPress Conversion

Web development is no longer a game of writing a few codes and running the web pages. The efficiency of the design, the Search Engine Optimization friendliness, adaptability to different platforms, and performance of the site on the whole are a few of the major parameters that need to be considered while designing a new website. Failing to do so will result in your website being not effective as you intend it to be by the general public including the search engines.

WordPress has emerged as the one of leading CMS systems in the world today and as a result, a PSD to WordPress conversion has come become very popular. The advent of a CMS system being brought about has impacted many changes in the web designing and developing world as this has enabled easier maintenance and management of websites. Before, you needed to have knowledge of development to maintain or make changes to a website, whereas today almost anyone with little or no technical knowledge can manage their own site with the help of a CMS system. The popularity of WordPress is immense for many reasons such as it being free, open source, easy to manage, thousands of add-ons, easy customization and many more reasons. As a result, many online business owners small or big, want their site to be developed in WordPress.

In order to facilitate PSD to WordPress conversion, there are a few important steps that need to be remembered and undertaken as they form the foundation for PSD to WordPress conversion. Some of the major steps involved in the process are as follows:

Examination of the PSD file - This is the most basic step and is also termed as the planning stage in the PSD to WordPress conversion process. In this step, the developer checks the PSD files and determines whether the PSD files have simple coding or complex coding and what approach he must use in order to effectively convert it into a WordPress format.

Slicing of the PSD – Slicing of PSD format files in order to achieve a simpler code in HTML is a very important step as the slicing of PSD files must be done very precisely with calculated moves. This step makes the code get reduced and ensures that the website loads quickly and also helps in making the working structure of your site. Pixel perfect precision is needed when you are slicing a PSD file as even small variations can have an impact on the design of your site.

Writing Separate Files – Files for separate uses are developed separately in order to make sure that PSD to WordPress conversion is done in the most convenient manner. HTML codes use .html files, PHP uses .php and so on. This is very important to maintain uniformity and ensure that it is conveniently converted without any mistakes

Conversion of the PSD file into Web Compatible HTML/CSS – Since web browsers are not able to read the PSD files in the original raw state, the PSD files are converted to HTML/CSS in order to make them compatible with the web. The coding must be done semantically in order to make sure that the optimization of the site is in accordance with the various search engines. In addition, it is very important to ensure that all the code is W3C validated which will help with your search engine rankings and ensure that the code quality on your site is high.

Integration of WordPress – After the entire PSD has been converted into a web compatible HTML/CSS format, you can then proceed to integrate your HTML/CSS into WordPress. After successful integration, the WordPress theme will load your site and the CMS will allow you to make any changes in the template without the need for coding. The integration is time taking and very important as it needs to be perfect to ensure you have all your design intact including all the functionality you need.

Testing – This may seem like common sense however this is a very important step when converting your PSD file into WordPress. In this step, you need to check that your newly built site is working fine across all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and so on. This step will allow you to feel confident that your PSD to WordPress conversion has been successful.

This above list are the major things that you need to keep in mind when converting your PSD file into WordPress. The conversion of a PSD into WordPress is quite tricky and unless you have the development experience and expertise, it is highly recommended that you take the help of a professional. Ensure that any professional you hire has experience in this field and they have undergone due diligence to ensure that you are fully satisfied with them. If you need any help or have any questions with your PSD to WordPress conversion or anything else, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles. We have a team of highly experienced and friendly staff who are always willing to help.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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