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PSD to HTML5 Conversion For A Future Proof Website

PSD to HTML5 Conversion For A Future Proof Website

The World Wide Web is changing faster and quicker than anyone could have imagine. Today, websites are not just something that is good to have but really a must have no matter who you may be. From the local Dentist to the plumber down the street, everyone needs a website to help them get found online for people that are looking for the products or services that they offer. If you are really looking for a website to stand out from the crowd, you need to create a PSD (Photoshop Design File) with the help of a graphic design professional but a PSD file on its own is not visible in a web browser. Therefore, you need to get a PSD conversion performed and going for a PSD to HTML5 conversion is a great choice due to what HTML5 offers.

HTML5 is one thing that has revolutionized the Internet due to all the features, functionality and flexibility that it offers to both developers as well as users. You can easily integrate HTML5 into almost any CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and so on. However, the first step to make your PSD come alive online is to go for a PSD to HTML5 conversion which needs to be performed by development professionals. A PSD file needs to be manually sliced into separate sections into HTML which is a time-taking process to ensure accuracy as well consistency. Below, we will discuss why going for this type of PSD conversion will make your website future-proof and all the benefits that it HTML5 offers:

  • Browser Compatibility –By converting your PSD to file into HTML5, you are able to ensure that your website looks perfect across all browsers no matter what they are such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and so on. You never know what browser people are using and even in some cases its multiple browsers so by choosing to go with HTML5, you are ensuring that your website works across all browsers. HTML5 is multi-browser compatible making it a safe and future-proof option for your website.
  • Video & Audio – With HTML5 you can easily embed and display audio and video files easier than ever thought possible. Gone are the days of Flash or Silverlight as HTML5 has the ability to easily store as well as view your multimedia content within your web browser. HTML5 truly allows you to have a highly interactive and engaging website without downloading any plugins or software to run them which was a huge revolution in the development world. Going for a PSD to HTML5 conversion therefore allows you to really give your website visitors a rich media experience with minimal headaches from both a development perspective as well as a user perspective.
  • Superior Performance – With HTML5, you can really rev up the performance of your website as you can easily store the cache within a visitors browser. This allows a user who is visiting your website multiple times to load up your website much faster providing a superior viewing experience. You even have the option to let them store the cache of your website so that if they are browsing offline, they can still access the cache of your website to view what they looked at previously. Lastly, by choosing to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion, you can easily make a responsive website which renders according to a user’s device such as a tablet, mobile or desktop giving them an optimal viewing experience no matter what device they are using. Responsive websites are a must in this day and age and going for an HTML5 conversion, you can easily create a responsive website which will look great across all browsers as well as devices.

The world of development is changing rapidly and website owners need to adapt with it. As a website owner, you need to provide a user experience that looks good but also functions great as well as it should be super-fast. By choosing to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion, you are ensuring that your website has all the features, functionality and capabilities for a brilliant web experience. Ensure that the PSD conversion company you choose to help you has the necessary expertise as well as experience with the PSD conversion process as it’s by no means something that can be done by amateurs. Check to see the type of work they have performed and speak to references before starting any project. If you choose to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion, you won’t be disappointed and if you are looking for a development partner to help you, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles for any of your PSD conversion needs.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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