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PSD to HTML5 Conversion for Exceptional Results

PSD to HTML5 Conversion for Exceptional Results

Time is critical and entrepreneurs understand that creating a website is a key part of making your business successful. There is no denying the importance of being visible online and making sure that your website is front of your target market to attract customers. Creation of your PSD (Photoshop Design) file with the help of a graphic or web designer is not on its own enough as a PSD file is not viewable online. A PSD to HTML5 conversion needs to takes place and then it needs to be integrated into a CMS (Content Management System) platform so that you can easily edit, manage and add the information that you need. Granted, a PSD file can be converted into many things but HTML5 is a superior choice when you are looking to make your website come alive online. Let’s first understand within this blogpost why a PSD to HTML5 conversion is a great business idea so that you are able to get the exceptional results you need for your website.

  • Universal & compatible
    One of the biggest reasons why many website owners prefer to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion is that HTML5 is universally accepted and recommended. HTML5 is multi-browser compatible which means that it can be perfectly viewed on any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on. This ensures that no matter what browser your site visitors are accessing from across the world and no matter where they are located, they can seamlessly have a great web experience when they are visiting your website. HTML5 is universally compatible and accepted across all browsers make it a great choice.
  • Built-in audio & video
    When you choose to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion, you are able to give your website visitors a rich browsing and viewing experience. Gone are the days where you need to have multiple plug-ins (Silverlight, Flash etc.) to view audio and video files on your website. With HTML5, you have the ability to embed audio and video files which can easily be viewed without the need to install any plug-ins or extensions on your website visitors system. HTML5 is also fast, efficient and very flexible allowing developers the ability to achieve more in less time. It does not require any specialized coding or things of that sort making PSD to HTML5 conversion a superb choice.
  • Development support
    In the past couple of years, HTML5 has been adapted and used across millions of websites from across the globe. As a result, find a company or a developer that can help you with your PSD to HTML5 conversion is super easy. A simple Google search will give you an endless amount of companies that can help you with whatever your HTML5 needs may be. Ensure that the developer or the company you choose to work with has ample experience in this conversion process to help you achieve pixel perfect results. The PSD to HTML5 conversion process should be performed manually and by professionals who have experience within this field of work. You can easily find support and advice on any of your HTML5 needs as it’s a very widely used technology across the world making it very easy to find development support.
  • Offline caching
    Another major benefit of PSD to HTML5 conversion is the fact that it offers the ability to store certain parts of your website on a visitor’s web browser. This allows a website that has been visited more than once by a visitor to be quickly and efficiently loaded on your visitor’s browser. This is another major technology benefit of using HTML5 as it will allow your website to be accessed quicker and easier than ever before making it a great choice.

By choosing to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion, you won’t be let down. HTML5 is a forward-thinking technology that allows you to give your website visitors a superior web browsing experience. If you have a website that you are looking to get developed, then opting for a PSD to HTML5 conversion is the way to go forward and one of the first steps to ensure a successful website. If you are looking for an experienced, trusted and reliable PSD to HTML5 conversion company that can help you with your PSD development needs, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles for any of your web development needs.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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