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PSD to PrestaShop is a Great Choice

PSD to PrestaShop is a Great Choice

E-commerce is becoming one of the most common ways in which businesses are trying to take advantage of the World Wide Web, and thousands of small and large businesses in every country have opened up online stores where people can browse through their products and purchase them from the convenience of their homes. As such, services have grown popular, web developers have tried to create solutions that make it simpler to create and manage such stores. As a result, PrestaShop is one such platform that has become very popular and is now used to power hundreds of E-commerce stores all over the world. As a result, PSD to PrestaShop has become a very in-demand service that people from across the world are looking for.

History of PrestaShop
PrestaShop first made an appearance back in the year 2007, where it was first introduced to web developers as an Open Source solution. In less than a decade, the platform has attracted several thousand businesses and currently boasts of well over 100,000 E-commerce stores globally that use the platform. PrestaShop has won several accolades and was awarded the Best Open Source Business Application award for two years running; in 2010 and 2011. Its success has attracted a lot investors and in March, 2014 the PrestaShop secured funding from investors for $9.3 million.

Reasons behind the popularity of PrestaShop
PrestaShop has become a favourite for anyone who wishes to run an online business store and wants a high performance solution that can be easily customized. The solution also makes sure that you get every common feature that you could need as an online store by default. The features that PrestaShop does not offer natively can easily be added through extensions. The development community for PrestaShop is quite active and a lot of highly popular and useful add-ons are available to you for free. PrestaShop takes care of everything, from catalogue management to payment solutions, and even SEO, thus making it one of the favourite E-commerce solutions for so many businesses across the world that are looking for PSD to PrestaShop conversion options.

An incredible set of features offered to you for free
PrestaShop goes a long way to ensure that business owners are able to control every aspect of their online store. It makes inventory management easier, handles subscriptions for you, allows for discount implementation, product attributes customization, and so much more right out of the box. Even stores that sell digital products, like music or applications, can use the platform. A lot of payment options are included as well, and adding more payment gateways is always possible. It is but obvious why close to 200,000 business trust PrestaShop to power their stores, and more websites are added to this list each day. This is another clear reason why PSD to PrestaShop conversion services are so much in demand.

PrestaShop offers some exceptional features, and is completely free to use. For small companies that are just moving into online business and even large ones, PrestaShop can prove to be a great way of setting up an E-commerce store without too much of an investment. More features can be added as per your need, and extensions for them are usually free as well. So if you are looking for a low cost E-commerce solution that has been extensively tested and proven to be reliable, PrestaShop is just the thing that you have been looking for. If you need any help with your PSD to PrestaShop conversion or any other PSD conversion help, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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