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PSD to WordPress Conversion for a Great website

PSD to WordPress Conversion for a Great website

A website that portrays a strong web presence has become a necessity for all businesses, irrespective of their customer base and products. The competition is getting fierce and to survive it, an online presence and online marketing has become a necessity. Consumers these days expect every company no matter what the size is, to have a web presence that tells them what they need to know about an organization. Clear visibility along with great service and products are required to hold a grip over the market and to stand tall amongst your competitors. PSD to WordPress conversion is a great choice if you are looking for a website or blog that portrays your products or services in a positive manner.

A PSD file can be created with the help of a web designer who can give you the exact look and feel of your website that you want. However, a PSD to WordPress conversion is necessary as a PSD file is not viewable online. The PSD file needs to be integrated into WordPress so that is it is visible across all browsers and you can make the necessary changes you need to your website by using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Using WordPress, you are able to make changes to your website easily even if you have little or no technological knowledge.

With WordPress, you have the ability to have a plethora of templates to choose from and if you don’t like any of these free or paid templates, you can create a PSD file which will then need to be integrated into WordPress by web development professionals. The process of a PSD to WordPress conversion consists of first taking your PSD file and slicing it into HTML manually and then integrating it into WordPress thereafter. The PSD to WordPress conversion process needs to be performed by development professionals who have experience in this field as any automated tools will not give your site the pixel perfect precision you are looking for.

Some reasons why to choose a PSD to WordPress CMS Conversion are as follows:
There are a whole host of reasons why WordPress is being used by more than any other CMS system in the world today for both websites and blogs. Even large companies such as NASA, the Wall Street Journal, SONY, Coke and so many other well-known brands have chosen WordPress to be there CMS of choice. They are many reasons to choose to go with a PSD to WordPress conversion and some of them are as follows:

Integration of Social Media – Using WordPress, you can easily integrate and use any Social Media buttons on your website or blog. In today’s social world, you cannot afford to have Social Media functionality and buttons missing as it can be detrimental to your brand. You can integrate many Social Media buttons using a whole array of free plugins which will allow you to have integration of all popular Social Media sites such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so on within your WordPress website.

Cross browser compatibility & responsive design – With so many browsers and computers available today, it is essential that your website or blog can be easily viewed across all browsers such as Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and so on to ensure that your users are getting a consistent experience across any browser. In addition, a PSD to WordPress conversion allows you the ability to purchase or create a fully responsive site which means you are able to give your users a great experience as your website will adjust according to the device is being accessed from. This will allow your existing or new users to have a good web experience no matter what device they are using such as a mobile, tablet or desktop. With the huge surge in mobile and tablet users, it has become a necessity that your website is responsive across all devices in terms of both functionality and design which a PSD to WordPress conversion allows to you to have.

SEO friendly – WordPress has code that is semantic which in turn means it is SEO friendly. Semantic coding allows a website to be easily crawled by the search engines which in turn helps your rankings. In addition, WordPress has many free SEO plugins which can help you with everything you need such as on-page optimization and so much more ensuring that your site is ranking high in the search engines.

Open source & free – Choosing to go with PSD to WordPress conversion not only is free but WordPress is also open source and is written in the PHP programming language. This means that you are able to not only customize your website or blog, but you can easily find support across the world for any of your specific customizations with the help of a WordPress developer.

Plugins & extensions – When you choose a PSD to WordPress conversion, you are able to get your hands on more than 30,000 free and paid extensions or plugins that are available to use. You can do almost anything you can imagine using the huge assortment of plugins or extensions that are widely available. Since WordPress is so widely used by so many people, they are many plugins and extensions that are being added constantly.

Community & support – Since WordPress is so widely used, there is an abundance of support and a very large community base available across the world. You can easily do a Google search and find almost any solution to a problem you may be facing with your WordPress website or blog. In addition, you can easily find WordPress development professionals available at almost any web development company to help you with anything you need.

Choosing to go with a PSD to WordPress conversion is a great business decision for the above reasons and so much more. If you are looking for a CMS system that is robust, reliable, and trusted, then WordPress is a great decision no matter how small or large your business is. Ensure that whoever you choose to help you with your PSD to WordPress conversion has ample experience and expertise in this field as it will be a direct reflection of your brand. Make sure you go through the portfolio of PSD to WordPress conversions that the company has performed and try to speak to some client references if possible so that you have confidence in the web development company. If you are looking for help with your PSD to WordPress conversion or any other development assistance, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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