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PSD to XHTML Conversion and How to Ensure Great Results

PSD to XHTML Conversion and How to Ensure Great Results

Every business requires online visibility to ensure that it does not lag behind its competitors. Developing a website requires skills, expertise and knowledge of mark-up languages such as HTML, XHTML and CSS. Therefore, it’s critical for any business looking to go with the XHTML language to have the correct PSD to XHTML conversion take place when creating a website. For creating dynamic sites, the additional knowledge of PHP is also very important including things such as Bootstrap. All of these technologies and expertise is crucial to ensure that you have a great looking but also functioning website. Websites that are developed for companies must be unique, user-friendly and attractive enough to draw potential clients towards them. Developing such websites requires creative designing, efficient coding and technical expertise.

The creation of a website begins with the creation of a PSD file with the help of a web designer which is a blue print of the actual design of your site. The PSD file is then sliced and converted into HTML and CSS code. Each and every module of the pages such as header, footer, body are separately designed and stored in the file which ensures a stepwise conversion is carried out. PSD to XHTML conversion needs to take place so that a PSD or the design you have created can be viewed on the Internet through your web browser. A PSD file is like an image and is not functional online, therefore it’s a necessity to get your PSD to XHTML conversion performed.

The advantage of a PSD file is that it can be sliced according to what you want and separately converted into an XHTML file. PSD to XHTML has been a W3C recommendation since 2001 and the speciality of the XHTML language is that it is from the family of XML, therefore it is parsable by a regular XML parser. PSD to XHTML conversionservices requires the in-depth knowledge of HTML, XHTML and CSS coding and must be performed by professionals who have hands-on experience. PSD to XHTML conversions is gaining pace as XHTML have many advantages over HTML. The reason why XHTML is becoming very popular is that it is XSL ready, more rigorous and easier to maintain than HTML.

PSD to XHTML conversion – Pros and Cons
XHTML has many advantages over HTML, the W3C has also recommended the use of XHTML. W3C is an organization that has set certain standards that should be followed which will also help you in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. A PSD file cannot be displayed on a browser and made clickable, it is required that it be transformed into a browser compatible format such as XHTML and CSS. While performing the PSD conversion, it should be stressed that the design is hand coded and conversion is manually done so that it is pixel perfect. The design must be tested on all the existing browsers such as Safar, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and so on ensuring that the user experience is great across all browsers. PSD to XHTML conversion also ensure that the website is parsable by XML parser. Some advantages of using XHTML are as follows:

  • Cross browser compatibility - Websites that are developed with PSD to XHTML conversion are better cross browser compatible than HTML websites. XHTML is an extension to XML and this is the reason behind it.
  • More semantic coding - XHTML follows semantic coding paradigm and is SEO friendly. The code of XHTML is more rigorous and many things such as attribute values, names and elements have to be carefully placed when your PSD conversion is taking place.
  • Responsiveness - As people are now using the Internet on smartphones and tablets substantially, websites must be optimized for the smaller size of tablets and mobile devices. A good website will be responsive in across all screen sizes and the functionality should be adapted across multiple devices as well. A good PSD to XHTML conversion company will ensure that your website has all of the responsive design elements you need allowing you to give the best possible experience to your visitors.

Choosing to go with PSD to XHTML conversion is a great choice when developing your website. XHTML is a great option as it is forward thinking, semantic and it can be made responsive easily. Make sure whoever you choose for your XHTML conversion has the necessary expertise, experience and portfolio of work to ensure that they can give you exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for a PSD to XHTML conversion partner to help you with your PSD conversion or if you need any other development assistance, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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