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PSD to XHTML Conversion Service Provider: How Do They Help You?

PSD to XHTML Conversion Service Provider: How Do They Help You?

XHTML improves on the functionality of HTML and extends it. XHTML improves interoperability with other data formats because of its synergy with XML.

Use of XHTML will increase along with the increase in XML and the growing complexity of web applications. Using XHTML is like the use of aluminum in car engines and chassis design or the growing use of composite materials in airplanes such as the 787 Dreamliner — this is a technology that is built-for-the-future and whose role and use will only grow.

Benefits of XHTML

  • Use of XHTML improves page load speed compared to HTML pages since XHTML parsing is faster.
  • Use of XHTML makes code easier to maintain as it’s more rigorous making XHTML authors more careful about getting the syntax right. Since HTML is a bit forgiving about syntax, it leads to sloppy coding which cannot occur in XHTML where the rules are clear and strictly interpreted.
  • Use of XHTML can enable the creation of more complex websites. For instance, XHTML supports Math ML (Math Markup language) and SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics).
  • Use of XHTML makes a document compatible with standard XML. Hence, an XML processing application can convert an XHTML document into PDF and other formats if needed.
  • Use of XHTML meets semantic coding requirements which make the websites easy to crawl for the search engine crawlers helping improve the rank of the websites.

While XHTML-based websites are technically up-to-date, a website must also have good aesthetics to attract visitors — particularly to hold the attention of new visitors. After all, good product design is considered to be one of the key reasons for the success of Apple products — whether you credit that entirely to the creative genius of Steve Jobs or the design geniuses at Apple including Jony Ive.

PSD to XHTML Conversion
When you want to end up with a finished ‘product’ — or website — that stands out among its peers, you got to begin with a superb website design created in Photoshop by graphics design experts. This is a job for professionals and not to be treated lightly.

Once the design is created, you go for the slicing of the photo into layers like header and footer and so on — this slicing has to be done precisely to get the best results.

All this is a manual job needing the input on technical experts rather than something automated to be processed by a piece of software.

PSD to XHTML Conversion Service Provider
When you opt for offshore web development companies who specialize in PSD to XHTML conversion, you get professionals who get every aspect of the job right — from the PSD-creation part to the XHTML coding part.

With experienced professionals in charge, you can be rest assured about all the essential aspects of any web development projects. Here are a few of the things that a professional PSD to XHTML conversion service provider will help you get right:

  • The website will be cross-browser compatible as the website will be tested on all the different popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari during the website development process.
  • The website will have the necessary search engine optimization built into the design of the website as an integral part of the web development process rather than as an afterthought.
  • The website will adhere to responsive web design principles so that the website looks good and works well on mobile devices and desktop devices — you cannot afford to neglect mobile internet users as they will soon surpass desktop internet users.

Small business websites have to be really up-to-date to meet user requirements — whether in terms of social media integration or Google local search integration and other such new and upcoming features.

A professional designed and built website will stand the business in good stead as you go for expansions or digital marketing efforts to improve your visibility or seek other ways to scale and expand your business. Investing the necessary resources to come up with a really good website is therefore a no brainer.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 4th, 2016
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