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PSD to Zen Cart Conversion for a Quality Ecommerce Store

PSD to Zen Cart Conversion for a Quality Ecommerce Store

Stores online have become increasingly common and famous with the recent online digital marketing boom. The number of online stores are increasing everyday with no slowdown in sight. Development of these digital or Ecommerce enabled stores was challenging before but now has become a breeze with the huge amount of various Ecommerce software’s that are widely and even available at no cost. As a result, PSD to Zen Cart conversion has become a popular solution amongst businesses that are looking to get an online store up and running in no time. Zen Cart is a free shopping cart software that can allow anyone to set up a store and run it easier than they ever thought possible. It has a great range of functionality and features helping you achieve anything you need with your Ecommerce store.

Before we get into Zen Cart, let’s first understand what a PSD file is and why a PSD to Zen Cart conversion needs to take place. A PSD file is a file format that is created using the help of Adobe Photoshop which is the most common weapon of choice for graphic/web designers. When you want to create a customized look and feel for your site, you need to sit down with a web designer who will create the exact look you want to achieve with the help of Photoshop. A PSD file is not viewable online so you need to get a PSD to Zen Cart conversion done by a professional web development company so that your PSD file comes to life. The process of a PSD to Zen Cart conversion is simple but not simple enough to do on your own so it still needs to be handled by web development professionals to ensure pixel perfect results.

A PSD file first needs to be sliced into HTML, each section at a time and then it needs to be integrated within the Zen Cart Ecommerce back-end system. Zen Cart allows you to easily manage, change and edit your online store even if you have little or almost no technical expertise. Zen Cart uses PHP as the back-end, HTML as the front end and the database is MySQL. A PSD to Zen Cart conversion is a great choice if you are looking to capitalize on customers who want the ability to shop with you in their pyjamas from the comfort of their own home. Who really wants to fight with the traffic, spend money on gas and deal with the weather when you are able to shop anywhere on any device as long as you have an Internet connection. Everyday more and more customers are looking for a convenient, safe, and easier way to shop which is what a PSD to Zen Cart conversion can offer you.

Advantages of PSD to Zen Cart conversion
Zen Cart is built in an open source PHP platform that can be customized easier than you ever thought. Since it’s built in the PHP programming language, any type of changes or customizations you may need can be achieved with the help of a PHP development professional. The reasons you should opt for a PSD to Zen Cart conversion are many, some of them are as follows:

  • Zen Cart has many free and ready to go themes/templates if you are looking for a cost-effective Ecommerce enabled website rather than going with a customized PSD to Zen Cart conversion
  • With Zen Cart you have a whole range of languages and currencies allowing your Ecommerce store to tap into a global customer base
  • A wide range of extensions and modules that are available for free as well as for purchase
  • A thriving development community that is familiar with both Zen Cart and PHP  that can provide you with support if you run into any problems
  • Since it is written in the PHP programming language, finding development resources to help customize your Zen Cart is very easy compared to other technologies
  • Zen Cart has a whole range of modules such as client management, pricing options, sale or discount modules, payment/shipping processing, and many others
  • With Zen Cart, you can have a fully responsive enabled Ecommerce store which will allow your customers to have an optimal viewing experience from any desktop, laptop, or Internet enabled smartphone
  • You can easily manage your online store yourself quickly and efficiently even if you have limited technical knowledge or expertise
  • Zen Cart is compatible with many different SSL certificates allowing your Ecommerce store to be fully secure for yourself and your customers
  • Using Zen Cart you have the ability to manage your relationship with your customers with features such as newsletters, promotions, gift certificates, customer loyalty programs and more which helps you build a great relationship
  • You can have your Zen Cart store installed and activated in less than 60 minutes

Choosing to go with a PSD to Zen Cart conversion is a great choice when you are looking for a reliable, secure, robust and feature-rich Ecommerce website. Today, there are a whole range of Ecommerce software’s that are easily available which can make your decision quite difficult. If you are opting to go with Zen Cart as your Ecommerce store of choice, rest assured that you are making a good decision. Make sure that whoever you choose to help you with your PSD to Zen Cart conversion has the experience and expertise of working with Zen Cart so you are able to get the pixel perfect results you are looking to achieve. Make sure you check the portfolio of work and speak to client references before you embark on any type of PSD conversion service so that you don’t run into any problems. If you need any assistance or advice with your PSD to Zen Cart conversion or any other type of development related help, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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