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The Importance of PSD to HTML5 Conversion Services

The Importance of PSD to HTML5 Conversion Services

For years now PSD to HTML has been the default way of converting fluid designs created by professional web designers into web compatible websites. The popularity of HTML5 is changing this quickly and has given a rise to a host of PSD to HTML5 conversion services instead. HTML5 boasts of several improvements over the older, and now outdated HTML standard. HTML5 offers backward compatibility and has some very powerful error handling capabilities which makes it ideal for web development in modern browsers. It is also compatible with older browsers, which means that this new standard will not force people to upgrade their software solutions in any way. The format enjoys wide support and has been backed by powerful names in the web industry such as Google, Mozilla and Microsoft. Even Apple offers extensive support for HTML5 in its Safari browser, making the format compatible with both desktop and mobile variants of this browser.

Advantages of opting for PSD to HTML5 conversion services

HTML5 is powerful and offers numerous feature upgrades over HTML. It is faster, and much better suited for describing web content through the use of extended semantic tags which are currently an HTML5 feature only. Some major advantages of using PSD to HTML5 instead of PSD to HTML conversion are:

  • Backward compatibility with HTML and older generation browsers as well as servers
  • Improved error handling capabilities which make websites less prone to errors
  • Extended range of semantic tags for the purpose of clearer HTML markup
  • Does not require several W3C validations which were essential for HTML
  • In HTML, video and audio requires external software support whereas in HTML5 has internal specifciaitons and separate video and audio tag

HTML5 makes websites faster, smoother and less prone to bugs. It also helps search engines understand the content of the website better, thus making your website more SEO friendly if the HTML5 tags are being used properly. All these facts make PSD to HTML5 conversions a preferable option for website developers as well as businesses that require high quality websites. Web development companies that offer these conversion services will be certain to see a rise in the demand of this expertise.

PSD to HTML5 will create a more usable & functional World Wide Web

HTML5 was introduced after carefully studying HTML for several years and observing the changes the Internet as a whole went through in the last two decades. HTML5 is designed to be flexible and allows for greater adaptability. It improves usability and the look of a website as well. For this reason more and more people are opting for PSD to HTML5 conversions, making companies that offer PSD to HTML5 conversion services more popular than ever.
HTML5 is only going to get more popular and with it, PSD conversion companies that offer this service will also become more prominent. Anyone who is getting their website developed should insist on PSD to HTML5 conversion instead of the usual HMTL one. As always, if you need any help with any of you PSD conversion services, feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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