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The Reasons Why PSD to HTML5 Conversion is a Great Choice

The Reasons Why PSD to HTML5 Conversion is a Great Choice

Online business owners today have to not only think from a customer’s perspective but also need to make sure they use the best platform that allows them to have a great website. You need to have a killer design which can be accomplished with the creation of a PSD (PhotoShop Design) file but that on its own is not enough. A PSD file on its own is not visible with a browser and you need to therefore have a PSD to HTML5 conversion performed for it to be fully viewable online. HTML5 is not the only option, however, it is one of the best options when it comes to converting your PSD file into a viewable online format.

The process of a PSD to HTML5 is something that needs pixel perfect precision and experience. The PSD to HTML5 conversion process should be manual and performed by experienced professionals who are experts in this process. The PSD file needs to be sliced into different sections such as header, footer and so on. A PSD to HTML5 conversionis a great business decision and below we will take a look at some of the reasons why that is:

  • Built-in video & audio 
    When you choose to go with HTML5, you don’t have to worry about any plugins or players such as Flashplayer, QuickTime, Silverlight and so on. Unlike previous versions of HTML, with HTML5 you don’t have to use these third-party programs anymore making PSD to HTML5 conversion an easy choice. HTML5 has solved this program by the ability to embed both audio/video within the code making it fully compatible when user is on the site making it an optimal choice for your website. This ultimately eliminates a lot of headaches for both the developer and the webmaster.
  • Offline caching
    HTML5 also offers offline caching which means that certain parts of your website can be loaded even if you don’t have an Internet connection. HTML5 has the ability to store and retrieve files on a user’s machine which was not possible before. Keep in mind that this is taking the assumption that the site visitor has come to your site before. Webmasters also have the ability to define what is saved and viewable offline. This is also something that was not available in previous versions of HTML making HTML5 a superior choice.
  • Clean code
    When you are trying to make even the simplest of changes to a website that has bad code, it is a nightmare to say the least. When you choose to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion, you have cleaner code which is easier for developers and good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes. With HTML5, developers have a new and meaningful way to organize content such as <footer>, <header>, <article> and so on allowing it to be clearly organized. When the search engines can read your code faster and clearer, this will help your website rankings also which makes HTML5 very SEO friendly.
  • Cross-browser compatibility
    One of the biggest benefits when choosing to go with a PSD to HTML5 conversion is the compatibility aspect of it. HTML5 is compatible with almost all web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and more making your site readable and accessible no matter what browser your visitors are using. In today’s day and age, you need to have a website that is accessible to everyone no matter what browser they are using to maximize your visibility to customers across the world.

If you are looking to create a website that is forward-thinking, multi-browser compatible and easily accessible across all devices and web browsers, then PSD to HTML5 conversion is the way to go. Your website needs to be viewable, accessible and fast which are all things that HTML5 can provide you. When you are converting a PSD to HTML5, you need a professional company that has the experience and expertise to deliver pixel perfect conversion results. If you are looking a reliable, trusted and experienced PSD to HTML5 conversion partner that knows exactly what to do, please feel free to reach out to the team

By: Yusuf JavedMarch 30th, 2016
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