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Tips For Converting PSD to Joomla

Tips For Converting PSD to Joomla

Stunning looks are an essential requirement for websites if it has to be able to stand out from the clutter. With the maturing of the Web and the merging of great hardware and software, Web users have become used to eye-catching websites that feature responsive web design, parallax design or flat design principles and so on. PSD to Joomla conversion is one way to get a great website for yourself.

Joomla is one of the leading open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) used for publishing content to the Web. It is one of the best option for websites where you need to upload content frequently.Joomla is written in PHP and stores data in MySQL. The quality of Joomla comes from the wide variety of free templates out there and the support that is widely available. Joomla templates come with CSS3 animation so that you can add attractive menus and other features to a website. Joomla templates let you customize the typography and they also support Social API making it easy to embed Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media buttons to your website. With thousands of extensions available, a Joomla based website can be served easily which meets the needs of a variety of customers such as E-Commerce websites, corporate or non-profit websites, social networking websites and online forums.

With PSD to Joomla conversion, you get the best of both worlds: great design thanks to the superb capabilities of Photoshop and a great CMS website thanks to the features of Joomla.

Your PSD to Joomla conversion will be a great success if you follow certain guidelines. The process has to be thorough and step-by-step.PSD to Joomla conversion starts with the precise slicing of the PSD file into multiple layers such as header, footer, and so on. The next step is proper and semantic HTML coding which will ensure the website will have cross-browser compatibility. The website should be tested across all modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE during the development process. After the HTML coding is complete, the Joomla integrationshould be done via the admin panel.

PSD to Joomla conversion needs inputs from graphics design experts for the Photoshop and the PSD slicing part taken care of by HTML experts and Joomla development experts. PSD to Joomla services are provided by many Indian web development companies. With India’s stellar reputation as a top destination for software and IT offshoring, you can get great results by opting for Indian web development companies to take care of your PSD to Joomla conversion project. By opting for offshore web development in India, you get access to web development professionals at one-fifth or less of what similar services would cost at American or European web development firms. Apart from web development, you will can also get Search Engine Optimization services, Social Media marketing and more from companies based out of India. Businesses of all sizes have to have websites that take into account all these aspects of the ever-changing technology landscape.

By opting for PSD to Joomla conversion services at Indian web development firms, you get the range of expertise that you will need to develop a great website while you concentrate on growing your core business.

By: Yusuf JavedMarch 31st, 2016
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