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Web Development – PSD to WordPress Conversion

Web Development – PSD to WordPress Conversion

Every company now wishes to have a great online presence as competition is growing and the companies that are more visible online will be ahead in the race. Mere development of a website does not serve the purpose as a website requires constant updates and maintenance. Therefore, when conducting PSD to WordPress conversion, the site must be built in a way to facilitate easy modification of the content inside.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) which helps the admin of a website modify the website with little or almost no technical knowhow. WordPress has a plugin architecture and a web template system that is very user friendly/easy to use. WordPress provides many existing templates which can be used to build websites, however, professional websites must be developed using newly designed templates. The development of a website first starts with the design of the layout of the website which is in the PSD format. PSD to WordPress conversion is then undergone as a PSD file is not viewable online.

Some facts & benefits of WordPress
Apart from the themes and templates, WordPress also provides various plug-ins which can be added to the webpages to include various functionalities to websites. There are more than 30,000 plug-ins that are available for WordPress users. While the majority of them are free, some of them are also paid plugins. Another interesting fact which most people don’t know is that WordPress powers more than 12 percent of the blogging and commercial websites on the Internet. With its record number of templates, plugins and its ability to give control to users easily, developing websites through WordPress makes the process a lot easier for developers as well designers. WordPress has a thriving and huge development community since it’s used so widely and almost any type of module you can imagine has been developed or it can be developed easily. In addition since WordPress is written in PHP and open-source meaning it’s absolutely free and finding technical expertise to help you with your PSD to WordPress conversion is not difficult. PSD to WordPress conversion normally requires in depth knowledge of HTML, CSS coding and also a working knowledge of WordPress

Advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion
Using WordPress to develop websites ensures easy development and loads of features. Furthermore, employing reliable, widely used, and secure CMS systems such as WordPress also makes it easier to further maintenance of a website. When you are looking for PSD to WordPress conversion service experts, this conversion requires exceptional skills and expertise. The conversion requires the PSD files to first be sliced into HTML using pixel perfect precision and CSS files. Each section needs to be sliced separately such as header, footer etc. and then it needs to be integrated into WordPress when undergoing PSD to WordPress conversion.

The integration must be done carefully so that the website is flawless. When the website is designed using WordPress, it should be validated using W3C standards which will help in your Search Engine Optimization efforts. The search ability of your websites as a result on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. will be enhanced.

PSD to WordPress conversion services also include customization of themes, templates, WordPress module integration, CMS development, system design, module development, plug-in development and responsiveness of the websites. Websites that chosen to undergo PSD to WordPress conversion are feature rich, attractive and SEO friendly.

If you are choosing to go with PSD to WordPress conversion, you won’t be disappointed. Those who require such PSD conversions for their websites must speak to professional development firms that have the experience and expertise you need to ensure the utmost satisfaction. Ensure that the development or PSD conversion company you choose has gone through all the checks and balances to help you get the pixel perfect precision you need. If you need any help with your PSD to WordPress conversion or any other development assistance, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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