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What is a PSD to PrestaShop Conversion

What is a PSD to PrestaShop Conversion

Before we get into what exactly is PSD to Prestashop conversion. We need to first understand, what is PrestaShop and what’s so great about it?

PrestaShop is an open source solution that is available in the market at no cost. PrestaShop has won many awards including “Best Open Source E-Commerce Application in 2010.” Currently, Prestashop is being used by more than 120,000 online stores worldwide. The design of a website can be converted to Prestashop themes using the software tool to build an elegant looking and highly functional E-commerce website. PrestaShop has emerged as a leading E-commerce website solution as thousands of E-commerce companies across the world are using it to integrate all the functionalities of what you need in an E-commerce solution.

There are more than 300 built-in E-commerce features available such as catalogue management, product display, multiple checkout options, multiple languages and currencies, top not security and much more. The most interesting features in this E-commerce Content Management System allows better checkouts, payment modules and security comparatively to other E-commerce solutions. All these great features have made this E-commerce solution a very popular choice and that’s why so many people choose PSD to PrestaShop conversion services. In addition, PrestaShop helps to develop and design an E-commerce website with less effort and better functionality.

PSD to PrestaShop Theme Conversion 
PSD is nothing but a blue print of the design of the website that needs to be replicated in HTML and CSS codes and later integrated with PHP. PSD is a Photoshop file which is designed by a designer utilizing the tools of Photoshop and his or her own creativity. A PSD is then sliced and every module is separately coded in HTML and CSS. A PrestaShop template is a set of files which can be edited to custom-build the design of the website. Every single template file is stored in the root folder.

As PrestaShop is an open source software tool, it is freely used for building E-commerce websites making it a great choice for PSD to PrestaShop conversion. Direct conversion of PSDs to Prestashop themes helps in easy organization and editing of files. Each and every module of the website like display of the product, shipping management, translations, marketing, client accounts, analysis and report of the sale, localized taxes, etc. can be efficiently managed using PrestaShop tool.

While converting a PSD to Prestashop theme, 30 files or pages must be converted, otherwise it may create an incomplete theme. Some of these pages are the home page, category page, product page, search result page, my account page, my cart, checkout page and more. As the templates have these pages as their built-in pages, the chances of forgetting is minimized and a roadmap of the PSD to PrestaShop development and design is clear. Using PrestaShop, lack of technical skills will not cause much hindrance in the development of a website. Some benefits of PrestaShop are as follows:

  • There are more than 300 built-in E-commerce modules in PrestaShop which helps in creating a robust E-commerce solution.
  • More than 2000 templates and themes are provided in PrestaShop that you can choose from.
  • As all the template files after the conversion from PSD is organized in the root folder, it is easy to edit them.
  • PrestaShop supports 56 different languages and features automatic translation of websites.

PSD to PrestaShop is a great choice no matter what size of business you have. There is no coincidence that it has won an award for best open source software in 2010. Using PrestaShop you can almost do anything you need in your online business. Ensure that any PSD conversion service provider you get help from has the experience and expertise you need to deliver you a pixel perfect solution. Make sure you look through their portfolio of work and have gone through all the necessary due diligence. If you need any assistance or advice on your PSD to PrestaShop conversionor any other PSD conversion services, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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