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Why a CMS is Important for Your Business?

Why a CMS is Important for Your Business?

Before starting we need to understand, what is a CMS? CMS is an abbreviation of Content Management System which allows you to publish, edit, and manage content within your website. A CMS system gives you a panel or also known as an admin panel, where you can add or edit any kind of content at any time. A CMS system is very easy to use and can be managed by almost anyone, even if they don’t know anything about development.

In the olden days, we only had static pages instead of dynamic pages as we do today. A developer had to create a menu, link images and content individually. If you wanted to edit any content on a webpage, remove links or update any menu item, a developer had to manually do these changes. This would take more time, resources, and you needed to have development expertise to make any changes.

To overcome these challenges that this situation presents, clients prefer off the shelf or purchased Content Management System’s allowing them to have much more flexibility than they ever have had before.

Some Features: A good Content Management System has so many advanced features allowing you the flexibility you need. Below, is a list of some of the benefits you can have by having a good CMS in place:
Ability to add your content & save it as a draft online in advance and publish it at your own convenience
You can design and customize your content with an advanced HTML editor
Overall security is high so there is no need to worry
CMS websites are easy to manage from a Search Engine Optimization perspective
Features such as automatic RSS feeds for content which allows you to easily reach subscribers of your website
User permissions according to their level of security clearance
Ability to get work flow and notifications to manage everything easily
You don’t have to be a developer or technical to manage a CMS system
Which CMS is right for your Business?

There are so many Content Management Systems in the market nowadays, we will share some of the most widely known ones:

Drupal - One of the most powerful CMS among all the open source options. It can power everything from small websites to very large enterprise level applications. Developers prefer Drupal as the security level is very high with this CMS.

WordPress -This CMS is perfect for simple websites like blogs and news websites as this CMS was originally developed as a blogging application. It is estimated that approximately 10% of sites online are powered with WordPress.

Joomla - This CMS application provides more robust features comparatively to WordPress, but isn’t as demanding as Drupal on an enterprise level. It is configured to perform as a community platform with social networking characteristics. This is also a good choice when you are looking for something better than WordPress but not as advanced as Drupal.

Magento – This CMS is a great choice if you are looking to build an E-commerce business online. It has almost every bell and whistle you can imagine and need to run a successful E-commerce business.

Summary: At the end of the day, no matter what CMS system you use, it needs to be a good fit for you as a company or a business owner. Make sure you do your research and look into all the features, benefits, and downfalls of any CMS system. There is never a one-shoe fits all when it comes to a good Content Management system, so make the choice that is good for you. If you have any questions, need any advice, or help with CMS implementation, then feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedMarch 31st, 2016
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