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Why Choose PSD To HTML5 Conversion Service Providers

Why Choose PSD To HTML5 Conversion Service Providers

You cannot take the approach of “if you build it, they’ll come” to building your website. Especially in a hypercompetitive business environment where there are millions of websites out there.

Online visitors are bombarded with information with multiple sources — online news websites, information and marketing newsletters in their email inbox, and everyone’s favorite Social Media platforms including Facebook Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and others.

To stand out in the information torrent as it were, your website needs to catch the attention of the web visitor. To do that, your website must be technologically current and cannot be a legacy website designed in 1999 during the dot com boom. Using Photoshop, you can create anything into a PSD file and then convert that PSD into HTML5. PSD to HTML5 conversion is a service that is increased dramatically and we will discuss why that is, below.

HTML5 websites come to the rescue
When you need a website that is sleek and functional in equal measure, there is no better option than an HTML5 website. With HTML5 tags such as <video> and <audio>, you can embed multimedia and graphics in your website without having to use Flash. The semantic nature of HTML5 elements like <section>, <article>, and <header> and so on make it easy for search engines to index the content of your website.

Semantic HTML5 elements rather than the traditional <div> tags makes for cleaner code. It’s easy to make out the different parts such as headers, footers, etc. by looking at the HTML source of the web page. HTML5 geolocation APIs make locations seamlessly available to HTML5-compatible browser-based applications. HTML5 improves offline browsing immensely as the developer can define the files which are to be cached by the browser. Offline browsing both improves user experience while reducing the load on the server.

PSD to HTML5 conversion does the trick 
What a semantic HTML5 website needs is a certain sleek and unique look to make it memorable to visitors. You want to use graphics to give it a corporate look. Using Photoshop to design the base of the website is a great way to accomplish great looks for your website. Then you can convert the PSD to HTML5 to get a website with great looks and semantic characteristics.

PSD to HTML5 conversion service providers provide an end-to-end solution for those seeking superlative website development. Offshore PSD to HTML5 conversion service providers will have graphics designers and HTML5 coding professionals to take a raw image file and use that to build a website that stays true to the raw image. With precise slicing of the PSD files and manual coding into HTML, you get pixel-perfect graphics and W3C-compatible and error-free HTML coding. When you convert PSD to HTML5, you get all the benefits that come with an HTML5 website including cross-browser compatibility and faster loading websites.

Responsive Web Design benefits
When you opt for PSD to HTML5 conversion service at professional offshore web development companies, you get the natural benefits of hiring domain experts. Experienced PSD to HTML5 conversion service providers ensure that the website has responsive web design elements built into it.

This will ensure that the website does not become outdated in a hurry as more and more people opt to browse the internet from their mobile devices. With responsive web design elements embedded, the website will look perfect no matter what the size of the screen of the browsing device may be.

SEO Benefits
Professional offshore web development companies who provide PSD to HTML5 conversion service will ensure that the website meets the latest SEO requirements. This is a job that requires professional SEO experts with wide ranging experience.

SEO is an ever-changing activity where the rules of the game keep changing in small ways. As Google introduces more and more changes to its search algorithms and does so on a continuous and ongoing manner, SEO professionals have to stay on their toes to ensure that the websites they optimize do not suffer because of Google algorithm changes.

Apart from Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, the Google Hummingbird updates are designed to answer natural language queries and voice based search as preferred by users of mobile devices. There is the ever growing role being played by the Google Knowledge Graph. Proper SEO of your website during the PSD to HTML5 conversion process will ensure that your website does not suffer in any manner because of these algorithmic changes.

SEO is also impacted by Social Media sharing data related to a website. Popular websites and their content is shared more leading to better rankings in search results for those websites. With offshore PSD to HTML5 conversion service providers, it’s ensured that your website has all the popular social sharing buttons — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest — embedded into the website.

With the numerous advantages of hiring PSD to HTML5 conversion service providers, it’s clear why many businesses prefer this as the best method for coming up with an HTML5 website. The process of converting your PSD into HTML5 is not an easy one and its something that needs to be looked into with time and effort. If you need any assistance with any type of PSD conversion service or anything else, please feel free to reach out to the team at

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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