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Why is a Professional Required to Convert PSD to HTML5?

Why is a Professional Required to Convert PSD to HTML5?

With the changing scenario in web development and introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, the dynamics of web designing and development have changed for good. The Internet is going mobile these days and focus has been on making web pages optimized for mobile phones and tablets. This kind of designing where a single website is optimized for mobile phone screens, tablets and the desktop screens is called responsive designing. HTML5 and CSS3 have brought with them easy methods like media queries to make a website responsive more easy than ever before. Therefore, PSD to HTML5 is a service that is increasing in demand day by day.

Though many new technologies have emerged, few methods are still intact. One of these methods is to start designing with a PSD file. PSD is a Photoshop file which is like a template or blueprint for the design of a website. The PSD file is converted into HTML5 using various tools and techniques. A fair amount of knowledge and programming skill is required for the process and only professionals must be entrusted with the job as there are various standards that the website has to conform to. In addition, it also has to be SEO friendly and cross-browser compatible. All these attributes can be brought about only by a professional web developer and designer who has years of experience and expertise in PSD to HTML5

  • Conversion of PSD to HTML5 has become almost compulsory as websites need to be responsive these days across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • As the process is complex, service of a professional is a must for successful and flawless pixel perfect conversion.
  • You can never get great results when using an conversion software or off the shelf solution.

Benefits of a professional for the conversion of PSD to HTML5 
The process of converting PSD to HTML 5 requires extensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Only professionals with extensive proficiency over HTML5 coding and working on CSS3 can manage a successful conversion with no errors. This is important for any business that wants a quality online presence. A website that loads incorrectly or loses design integrity while loading creates a really bad impression.

The first thought that will spring to the mind of the user is, If they cannot even get a simple website right, how can I expect them to ensure quality in what they are offering me? This is a really bad situation and no business can afford to face this. A capable development and design professional will help you avoid such a fiasco and help you get a high quality website. You profit in the following ways when you hire an expert for your PSD to HTML5 conversion:

  • Get every functionality you need to implement in a seamless manner
  • Implement intuitive navigation for the entire website
  • A proper designer ensures that a website loads faster as well
  • Fully W3C validated site which also helps in SEO
  • Pixel perfect conversion of your PSD to HTML5

HTML5 is also a relatively new technology, therefore you must make sure that the conversion professional you hire is well familiar with it. This will help you get a high performance fully cross browser compatible website very easily and will ensure that you have an excellent website. You can easily find a great PSD to HTML5 conversion service provider online and get a great HTML5 template for your website. Ensure that you have gone through the service providers portfolio and have spoken to client references so that you have confidence they can deliver what they have promised. If you need any help with your PSD to HTML5 conversion or any other PSD conversion help, feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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