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Why You Should Convert a Website Format From PSD to Joomla

Why You Should Convert a Website Format From PSD to Joomla

The Web is becoming more democratic than ever before — access to the Internet has spread far and wide with billions of Internet users and the cost of smartphones has plummeted ensuring that billions are able to afford mobiles to access the net. With more and more consumers having access to really fast broadband internet, continuous improvements to the HTML standards and superfast web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari, much is expected from websites. Converting your website from PSD to Joomla will help you do just that.

The website of 2014 cannot afford to be like a website from 1999. It has to be slick, it has to be user-friendly, cross-browser compatible and responsive. In essence, the bar for websites is much higher today than it was a decade ago or even five years ago. To meet the user expectations, any new website design project has to aim much higher than was hitherto necessary and PSD to Joomla is a great option.

Joomla as a Leading CMS
If you are looking to develop a website for publishing content to the Web, you cannot do much better than opting for Joomla as the content management system (CMS) platform. Joomla can be used to create superlative E-commerce websites, non-profit or corporate websites and social networking websites. Joomla has all the juice that you will need to serve up a sumptuous website —extension libraries to meet all your needs and templates with CSS3 animation that you will love to use to add attractive menus to your website.

With Joomla templates, you can customize the typography of your website as well as embed those essential and all-important Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media buttons. PSD to Joomla is a great option when choosing a CMS system of choice to help you build a new website.

Convert PSD to Joomla

PSD for pixel-perfect graphics
There is no better option available than Photoshop to develop top quality graphics. Create your website’s eye-catching look using a graphic design expert in Photoshop and then convert the PSD file (Photoshop file format) into Joomla. This is the way to get the best of both the worlds which is to convert your PSD to Joomla.

Process to convert PSD to Joomla
The trick lies in proper slicing of the PSD file into multiple layers such as header, footer and so on. The slicing has to be precise. The HTML coding should follow semantic principles to conform with the latest W3C standards.

The process of conversion is technical involving the following steps:

  • Creation of the layout in PSD format while making sure to follow logical naming conventions and folder structure for the different layers to save oneself from later confusion.
  • Writing of the HTML code. Even if the HTML is generated automatically, you must have a solid understanding of HTML5 to design a contemporary website. You will be making such decisions as whether to have the header text for the image file in Photoshop or not and where to add the IMG ALT tags to the images.
  • Design of the CSS and Joomla integration. CSS is very critical as it determines the look of the website — heading, font and so on — so, the web developers need to have a good grounding in CSS. And finally this front end design of the website needs to be integrated into a Joomla template via the admin panel which requires expertise in Joomla.

Benefits of Offshoring PSD to Joomla Conversion
You have the option to go for in-house web development and PSD to Joomla conversion or you can opt for outsourcing. Mainly companies prefer to outsource this task to a professional web development company. With offshore outsourcing, you get the advantages of both professional expertise and cost savings.

Hence many companies opt for PSD to Joomla conversion at Indian web development companies who have the graphics design experts, HTML coding experts and Joomla development experts.

By opting for offshore development, you get a lot of flexibility in terms of how quickly you want the project to be finished. You can also hire professionals at Indian web development companies on a flat-rate basis or hourly basis to work on your projects.

Long Term Benefits
The long term benefits of offshore web development and offshore PSD to Joomla conversion include the additional services that you often get at these firms including search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and digital marketing including content marketing. In the competitive business landscape of today, no company can afford to treat website development as a one-time activity — rather, website development and website promotion go hand-in-hand. Digital marketing is a must if you want your website to stand out among your numerous competitors and if you wish to attract new visitors from organic search results in search engines like Google and Bing. If you need any assistance with your PSD to Joomla conversion, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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