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Why You Should Convert Your PSD to WordPress?

Why You Should Convert Your PSD to WordPress?

PSD, also known as Photoshop files are not suitable to a web browser which allows you to view it online. A PSD file is can be created by you or with the help of a designer who knows how to use Adobe Photoshop. If have a PSD file that has been created, it needs to firstly be converted from PSD to HTML so that a user is able to view it on his or her browser online. This conversion process is only the first step and allows you to get a static website which will showcase your products or services globally.

We all know very well that to run a business successfully online, you need more information and content on your website to share with your users or new customers. As a result, it becomes necessary to upload content, news, and information frequently on your site. To overcome this, or help you with this challenge, you need a good CMS system to make your life easier. In the olden days, you needed the professional help of developers or specialized IT folk to make any types of additions or modifications to your website. Today, a good CMS (Content Management System) will allow you to easily achieve these results with little or no headaches. Today, over 10% of websites across the world use WordPress as their CMS system of choice.

There are so many features in WordPress that make it a great choice when converting your PSD to WordPress. Firstly, it’s absolutely free and below are some of the reasons why you should convert your PSD to into a WordPress CMS:

Admin Panel: You can control so many pages with a single command, suppose if you want to change any link in a footer, you can go to appearance => Editor => choose that theme’s footer.php file, this file will change all the pages appearance automatically across your whole site. It will reduce your time to make any changes and you can provide updated info to your visitors quickly.

SEO Friendly: WordPress gives you the ability to convert your URLs to SEO friendly URL’s through the permalink feature. All major search engines support static URL’s and give preference in search engine ranking. When you use WordPress, try to use static and SEO friendly URL’s. You also have the ability to add many other SEO plugins, tags and loads of other SEO features which will help your site rank better online.

Content Management: It becomes easy to manage your content using WordPress as you can edit your page through editor. It gives you two modes, view mode and code mode. You can edit pages very easily one by one using whichever editor you want. The best thing is that you don’t need any development expertise to manage and change your content.

Easy Theme Installation: Within WordPress, you can easily change your old theme to a new theme very easily. It takes a few second to update your themes in WordPress and you have the ability to even have responsive themeswhich cater to tablet & mobile users in addition to desktops.

Plugins & Support: WordPress has thousands of plugins that are available which allow you to easily customize, and adjust your site according to your business needs. Another huge plus is that, the support and development community is very robust allowing you to almost do anything you could think of with WordPress.

Above, are only some of the benefits why it makes sense to move forward with your PSD to WordPress CMS conversion. As always, if you need any help or assistance with any PSD conversions, feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedMarch 31st, 2016
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