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Why You Should Never Use Any Software to Convert Your PSD Into HTML

Why You Should Never Use Any Software to Convert Your PSD Into HTML

It doesn’t matter if you are designing a website or even a blog for a small company or a large Fortune 500 brand. One of the first steps when you are designing a concept or what you want to see before you move forward with the development of your site, is to bring this this idea to canvas or in this case, a PSD. (Adobe Photoshop File)

You have finally created your PSD file to the exact specification that you want with your designer or even on your own perhaps, great! The process if far from over as now the fun has just begun as they say. The question is now, how to convert this PSD file you have into HTML so that you can showcase your website the world.

Don’t ever rely on any software or automated tool that claims to do pixel perfection conversion of your PSD file into HTML for you. Firstly, more than likely if you get a professional PSD conversion company to convert your PSD file for you, it will be cheaper compared to purchasing an off the shelf software. Who knows, you might not even use this software again and have something that is just occupying hard disk space on your computer. Secondly, using a PSD conversion company allows you to have flexibility to make any minor changes that you need whereas a software doesn’t allow you to do anything outside of what you have designed within your PSD. Another problem that exists with automated conversion software is compatibility of browsers and devices which is very common. There is never a one shoe that fits all software with conversion services especially when you are converting your PSD into HTML.

Experience and expertise is something that you will never get with an automated software. For example, if you have a PSD and your PSD development company has an idea or something that they have done which they think will be useful to your web development project, they can share that with you as these ideas cannot be provided by any automated software you buy.

When choosing a PSD conversion company, ensure that they have thorough experience with PSD to HTML conversions. A good PSD conversion company has the experience and expertise you need to ensure that the PSD file you have provided is to the exact specification of your PSD layout ensuring pixel perfect accuracy. Make sure to thoroughly look through the portfolio of work that they are showing and speak to any client references is possible. Choose a service provider that is well-versed and knowledgeable in delivering the best quality work for PSD to HTML conversion.

An expert team of professional web designers and programmers can easily manage these kind of conversion tasks as they are doing it for multiple clients across the world on a daily basis. The process of converting your PSD into HTML is not an easy and should be taken very seriously. If you are looking for an expert to help you with your PSD conversion needs, please feel free to contact the team at ConvertPSDfiles for all your PSD conversion needs.

By: Yusuf JavedMarch 31st, 2016
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