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Woo Your Customers With PSD to Shopify Conversion

Woo Your Customers With PSD to Shopify Conversion

The Internet has leveled the playing field for businesses and led to the flourishing of innovation. Anyone with a creative business idea can start an Ecommerce website and make innovative products available for purchase to the world at large. The growth of mobile devices and the rapid spread of 3G and 4G based broadband mobile Internet services has led to an immense increase in the number of shoppers willing to make purchases online.

Online shopping gives the customer enormous power apart from the convenience factor that they can shop online while sitting at home in their pajamas! Who really wants to brave the holiday traffic at a physical store when you can order all your gifts, home furnishings and electronics items while sitting comfortably in your drawing room? This along with a whole host of other reasons has really helped the boom in Ecommerce.

PSD to Shopify Conversion
With many competing Ecommerce platforms around, it becomes critically important to choose onethat meets your needs. A Shopify-based website has many things going for it and with PSD to Shopify conversion, you can have an Ecommerce website that has a distinctive look and stands out from an aesthetic perspective.

Advantages of Shopify
There are many reasons to choose to go with a PSD to Shopify conversion over the other Ecommerce platforms and here are some reasons why:

  • Shopify is easy
    As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your business and not on the technicalities of the shopping platform and with Shopify, you get a platform that is intuitively easy to use. Anyone who can follow step-by-instructions in a manual will be able to create an online store with Shopify. With Shopify, you do not need to hire technical experts, IT professionals or programmers for this job. However, you still need technical expertise for a PSD to Shopify conversion to take place. You can also opt for readymade themes that Shopify provides if you are not looking to make your site unique.
  • Shopify comes with reliable hosting
    More and more businesses are moving to the cloud and cloud computing is the future. With Shopify providing hosting of online stores created using it, you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of web hosting. In addition things such as finding data centers with sufficient reliability so that your website is always available to customers is not needed when choosing to convert your PSD to Shopify.

    With Shopify, you choose your payment tier and you have to pay a fee on a monthly basis — somewhere in the range of $30 to $180 depending on your business needs. This takes cares of all the hardware and software expenses that you would need to incur if you opt for hosting your online store at a data center by buying servers and then paying separately for an Ecommerce platform software.

    The reliability aspect is also important as you do not want to lose business by having your website inaccessible to customers. Since Shopify hosts a large number of online stores, they have got a dedicated technical personnel to ensure that all those online stores using Shopify are always up and running. Choosing to go with PSD to Shopify conversion is a great business choice for this reason along with many more which are listed below.

  • Shopify has apps & customizable design
    With Shopify’s extensive templates available from its theme store (some of which are free and some others being paid), you can customize your online store extensively. This will enable you to look unique and stand out from the competition. Shopify’s App store has a multitude of apps to meet all your requirements. Again, some of the apps are free while others are paid and they cater to various business requirements such as Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Shipping, Inventory, Customer Service, Accounting, Tools and Reporting along with a whole host of others. Choosing to go with a PSD to Shopify conversion will allow you to have access to so many more things than you thought possible.
  • Shopify is good for SEO
    With its SEO friendly URLs, Shopify gives your online store that all important SEO boost that will help your organic ranking in search engines. Shopify lets you create categories and sub-categories of products and the URLs are generated based on those categories. These URLs are both human friendly as well as search engine crawler friendly.

Convert PSD to Shopify
The process of PSD to Shopify conversion has many steps. It starts with the basic PhotoShop design of the web page. Professional graphic designers can take the PSD file and use PhotoShop to slice it appropriately into header, footer and other sections. This slicing should be precise as this will be the basis of how your website looks. Once the slicing is done, the PSD file is saved as an HTML file and then uploaded into Shopify. At the end of it, you have completed your PSD to Shopify conversion process.

Offshore PSD to Shopify Conversion
If you want to achieve major cost savings in your PSD to Shopify conversion project, you can get great prices by opting for offshore assistance with your PSD to Shopify conversion. With offshore PSD to Shopify conversion, you not only get good quality technical professionals to take care of your project, you make cost savings too and get additional benefits such as help with professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your online store.

If you are developing an Ecommerce website with a long-term perspective, you need your website to do well in organic search results and SEO is absolutely essential to achieve that. Offshore PSD to Shopify conversion will also help you with digital marketing efforts such as PPC advertising as professional offshore web development agencies can help you with this as including a whole host of others such as Social Media etc. By finding a reliable PSD conversion partner that has experience with PSD to Shopify conversions, it can be a huge help to your online marketing goals.

If you are looking to build a modern online store, then you cannot go wrong with choosing Shopify as your Ecommerce platform. If you are looking for assistance with your PSD to Shopify conversion project or any other type of development work, please feel free to reach out to the team at ConvertPSDfiles.

By: Yusuf JavedApril 2nd, 2016
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