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Select Implementation to CMS or eCommerce

Layout Width

Select "Flexible width" for your layout to be resized based on browser width. This may increase the time needed to complete your order. Select < Only Header / Footer Stretch > if you would like to resize only the header or footer

Vertical Alignment

Specify the vertical alignment of your layout

Horizontal Alignment

Specify the horizontal alignment of your layout

Footer at Bottom

The footer area will always be placed at the bottom of the page, even if there is little content

EM-based Layout

Needed only for Internet Explorer 6, modern browsers do not require this technique.

CSS Frameworks

If you use CSS Frameworks in your own coding , please choose one of the options listed below.

Options Related to jQuery Customization


IE6 Compatibility

Allows your markup to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 7+ compatibility is included by default. Details.

Dreamweaver Compatibility Option

Allows your markup to be editable in Dreamweaver

Print Version CSS

A separate print CSS stylesheet is created to ensure the correct display of the specified elements in the print view of the page

WAI 2.0 / Section 508

Ensures that users with disabilities can access the information presented on the web page. Section 508 compliance is a common requirement for United States state agencies


This approach is intended to bridge the gap between markup tags and the actual information they contain. Allows anyone to make the information published easily sharable and searchable

Resizable Fonts

Allows users to resize font all over the page without breaking layout

Custom Fonts

Allows to use custom fonts instead of few web-fonts. Font files should be provided.

Implement Dynamic Menus

Specify if the dynamic drop down menu with CSS implementation is needed

JavaScript Framework

Specify the most preferable library to be used for JavaScript functionality. JavaScript functionality is not included in the price for the markup. Functionality requirements will have to be provided.

Coding Type

Specify your preferred coding type. To achieve a perfect and fully compatible site, W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional or W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict are strongly recommended

Commented Markup

Marks the structural blocks in the markup and allows to understand the code better or to have the ability to edit it.

Optimized for Load Speed

Special attention will be given to Load Speed optimization which includes the use of Sprites Technique and optimizing the file sizes of the images

SEO Semantic Coding, Complete Presentational Separation

Implements the coding that uses SEO-valued tags to underline the most important parts of the content (H1, H2, etc.). Emphasizes content positioning techniques, moving the most important parts of content to the top of the page code. This improves page readability for search engines as well as various browsers with disabled or limited CSS

Implement SSI or PHP Includes

Helps to maintain code. The code will be divided into several logical parts (files): navigation, content, header, footer, and more. These parts will be included in the main file using SSI. Note: The option is not necessary when CMS Implementation is required

Commented CSS

Allows the user to understand the code better, or to have the ability to edit it.

CSS Reset

Designed to make modern browsers behave consistently by overriding browser defaults.

Ipad and Ipod

Select yes below and your markup will be compatible with the Ipad and Ipod devices. Your markup will be tested on these platforms. We will provide you with a quote for this option in the client area after investigating your designs and requirements

Ajax Form Validator

Ajax form validation script which force user to put correct information and helps to stop spams.

PHP Email Script

PHP and Ajax based email script that sends your form data to a specified email address. Please provide your email address where you want the information to be sent in Project Detail option of your order.

Lightbox Popup

Lighbox plugin to make modal boxes or showing interactive images and content on your website.


Accordion is a great JavaScript feature that allows the revealing of the sub-list of a particular list item with a smooth sliding effect. When one of the sub-lists is revealed ? the rest of the items are closed at once.

Custom Scroll bar or Slider

Custom Scrollbars or Slider to match your design or to avoid default scrollbar of the windows or mac.

Sliding In/Out Content Div

Interactive Sliding In/Out content or login box or any Div.


If you have tabs in your design, choose yes below to add JavaScript that will allow switching between the tabs with no need to reload the rest of the page.


Slideshow is a fantastic option for picture rotations. Select the option below and we will add rotation between images, with a slide or fade effect, to the picture gallery on your site.

Expandable Blocks

Select the option below to add JavaScript that will allow the opening and closing of the expandable blocks. By default we don?t add any visual effects to the expandable blocks. If you?d like a fade or slide effect for these blocks - please leave a note about it in the comments section. We do not charge extra for either the fade or slide effects in expandable blocks.


If you have a list of rotating items (for example: images or content blocks), we can add JavaScript that will allow scrolling through these items by clicking on the page links (1,2,3) or by clicking on the next/previous buttons. The list of items can rotate automatically as well.

Custom Forms

Choose this option if you?d like to customize the look of your check-boxes, radio buttons, or select drop down menus according to your designs.


Select the option below and we will add the plug-in that allows adding the page to the browser bookmarks by clicking on the "Add this" button.

If you are having trouble uploading your files

Project notes